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Guidelines for Supplier Registration

These work instructions are applicable for the vendors to supply raw materials, consumables, bought outs & services which directly affect the final product quality which is classified as A, B, and C categories depending upon criticality. The List of A, B, and C classifications is mentioned below.

C-category items are not covered under the supplier approval and evaluation process. 

A Category

B Category

C Category

Plates, Sheets

Test Flanges

Maintenance Spares


Tie Rods

Stores Consumables


Spacer Pipes

Sundry Items

Forgings, Flanges

Slitting, Profile Cutting

Tools and Tackles

Dish Ends

Tube Expansion

Lifting, Material Handling Items

Pipe Fittings

Mat. Testing

All other items not listed under A and B Category

Weld. Consumables

NDT Services


Expansion Bellows

Design Sub-contractors


Demister Pads

Name Plates



Lamiflex Seals






Valves & Instruments



Teflon Sheets / Components


Machining, Drilling Sub-contractors

Rubber Packing


Fabrication Sun-contractor

Pulling Plug, Eye Bolt


Heat Treatment

Grinding Wheels






Bolt Tensioner


Procedure for Registration of New Supplier:

1. Potential Suppliers are given a Supplier Registration Form that will be sent to the vendor via email for submission with credentials.
2. Tema’s representatives from the Purchase / QAC / Projects department will visit the supplier’s premises for assessment. In the case of an overseas supplier where a factory visit is not possible, the recommendation is made based on the review of documents only. In the case of design subcontractors, the review is done by the Head of Design along with the Head of Purchase.
3. Based on recommendation ‘Trial Purchase Order’ is placed on the supplier & copy of such order is attached with the ‘Supplier Registration Form’.
4. If the supply performance against the trial purchase order is found satisfactory (documentary evidence i.e. GRR copy shall be attached) then the supplier’s name shall be included in the approved supplier list.
5. The above selection process is to be followed for ‘A’ category items only as listed above.
6. For ‘B’ category items, only step 1 is followed & a decision shall be taken by the Head of Purchase only based on available data & supplier name shall be included in the approved supplier list.

A list of approved suppliers is maintained. Category of items/services A and B will be mentioned against each supplier’s name in the approved suppliers list.

A review of the supplier performance for the ‘A’ category shall be carried out once every six months & for the ‘B’ category, the period shall be once a year.

All rejections against A and B category items shall be immediately noted in the ‘Rejection Register’ by respective purchasers & brought to the Head of Purchase notice. The Head of Purchase monitors the case to ensure quick replacement. In case, where supplier is unable to replace the materials as per Tema’s requirement, the same are purchased from another party. In such cases, suitable compensation is recovered from earlier suppliers in consultation with the Head of Projects considering extra charges paid by Tema, time & process loss.

Local Purchase at factory level

The following types of materials are procured, which fall under the C category, hence those are not part of the supplier approval and evaluation process.

• General Stores Consumables
• Gases
• General Shop Consumables, Electrical Items
• Tools, Tackles
• Spare Parts used for maintenance
• Urgent Maintenance items for the premises
• Personnel Protective Equipment
• Annual Rate contract materials