RedLokTM self energised clamp connectors


Tema RedLokTM  high-pressure connectors are clamped connectors with special pressure energized Y-ring seal designed to meet ASME Sec VIII Div-1/ Div-2 codes.

The connector consists of 2 hubs, 1 specially designed Y-ring seal, 1 set of clamps, stud bolts, spherical washers and heavy hex nuts. They are proven alternative to conventional ring flanged connectors.


Design Priciple

Tema connectors are 99.9% leak-proof, low on maintenance and high on performance.

RedLokTM connectors have been helium leak tested using a sniffer technique with 51.5% tracer gas concentration, test pressure of 1.2kg/cm2(g) and acceptable leak rate of 1 × 10−4 std cm3/s.

Component assembled prior to bolt

The seal ring does not seat fully until the clamp bolts are fully tightened. A small clearance (stand-off 0.2-2 mm) should be observed between the ring rib and hub face when the ring is positioned inside a hub. A lubricant is applied on the seal ring to the hub contact face to obtain low friction and to prevent galling when the seal ring slides down the tapered seat during assembly.

When the clamp bolts are tightened, the hubs are drawn together by the wedge action of the two clamps compressing on the Y-seal ring to make the first-stage seal. After completion of clamp assembly, the hub faces will establish metal-to- metal contact outside the sealing diameter of Y-seal ring.

In service the Y-seal ring becomes even more effective as the internal pressure reinforces the metal-to-metal seal.

Standard sizes and Tolerances

RedLokTM  connectors are available in sizes from ½ NPS to 24 NPS for class 900 to 2500, other sizes are available on request. The welding bevel and dimensional tolerances are in accordance with ASMEB16.5.

RedLokTM connectors may be subjected to system hydrostatic tests at a pressure of 1.5 times the 38 °C (100 °F) rating rounded off to the next higher 1 bar (25 psi) increment.


Advantages over conventional ASME B16.5