Engineering & Design

With over 40 years of experience in designing Static Process equipment, TEMA India has the capability to design any equipment in this segment. In the 1990s it was the first company in India to computerise GA and fabrication drawings.

Over the years, spurred by the demands of refineries, process licensors have developed newer technologies to refine and crack hydrocarbons. One of the major concerns of refineries is the optimal usage of space; the size of the refinery in general and the size of its component units. Smaller component units and reduction in the overall size of a refinery yield huge cost saving in set up and commissioning.

This need poses a challenge to engineering companies to ensure that their mechanical designs meet such requirements. TEMA India has successfully engineered to global demands. A separate in-house engineering team – comprising design engineers with core design experience in all kinds of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers – undertakes all thermal and mechanical design of equipment.

Our Heat Exchangers are designed to meet the desired thermal heat transfer/output parameters using the most economically feasible designs. We provide thermal guarantee for exchangers designed by us. We also have the capability to conduct vibration analysis of exchangers in relation to other parameters of the processing unit.

The mechanical design department uses the latest advanced software such as PV Elite, Micropotol, NozzlePro, SolidWorks, HTRI, HTRI–XVib, ANSYS and AutoCAD. Mechanical designs are optimised and rendered cost-effective by conducting Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ANSYS. By doing so, we build exchangers that are fully compliant with international codes such as ASME, TEMA, HEI, PD5500, AD Markblatter, EN 13345 and API. These exchangers are leak-proof, safe and durable.

TEMA India has stamped its authority in the Hi-Pressure Hi-Temperature critical Screw Plug (Breech Lock type) Exchanger by developing proprietary technology which is patented. Over 160 such exchangers manufactured by us continue to operate at full efficiency at refineries across the globe.

Another key feature of our design capability is our strength in designing critical equipment for the Fertiliser and FPSO sectors, as also expertise in designing Power Plant equipment including HP/LP Feedwater Heaters and Surface Condensers.